Paleolithic Diet Basics

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Eating Paleo

Tammy Olson, vice president of client services at Hixme, enjoys cooking in her free time. Tammy Olson’s prefers healthy cuisine and also leans toward Paleolithic or paleo dishes, which are made from the foods that would have been available in nomadic pre-agrarian human societies.

In paleo nutrition, processed foods, grains, and sugars are significantly reduced if not eliminated, and adherents tend to prefer getting the elements of these they do eat from sources that would have been available to ancient human beings, such as fruits. The paleo diet, thus, consists primarily of vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and seeds. While paleo nutrition was not developed as a weight loss aid, many of those who have implemented a paleo diet report shifts toward a healthy weight.

Some variance exists in implementations of paleo. Some adherents to the Paleolithic diet, for instance, consume dairy products and legumes in moderation, while others claim that these items should be avoided, as they would not have been available to early humans. While most meats are considered fine in a paleo diet, some choose to avoid cured or processed meats such as deli meats or bacon.